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Signal enhancement of J-HMQC experiments in solid-state NMR involving half-integer quadrupolar nuclei

Release time:2013-8-25      Source:admin      Reads:1393

 Qiang Wang,   Julien Trébosc,   Yixuan Li,   Jun Xu,   Bingwen Hu,   Ningdong Feng,   Qun Chen,   Oliver Lafon,   Jean-Paul Amoureux and   Feng Deng*  

    we have introduced a simple and robust method to enhance the sensitivity of J-HMQC with indirect observation of half-integer quadrupolar nuclei in solids. We have shown that the manipulation of the population of satellite transitions efficiently accelerates the coherence transfer between two nuclei, and hence improves the sensitivity when the J-HMQC transfer efficiency is reduced by T20 losses. This PT-J-HMQC experiment has been successfully tested for 31P-{27Al} J-HMQC experiments on a layered aluminophosphate Mu-4. S/N gains in the range of 3 to 5 have been achieved, which translates into a reduction in experimental time by factors of 9 to 25, respectively.

    We believe that this new approach will be very useful for a wide range of organic, inorganic and even biological materials containing quadrupolar nuclei, and will provide detailed insight into their structures and properties.!divAbstract