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Low-Temperature Reactivity of Zn+ Ions Confined in ZSM-5 Zeolite toward Carbon Monoxide Oxidation

Release time:2013-6-28      Source:admin      Reads:2907

         Guodong Qi , Jun Xu , Jihu Su , Jiafu Chen , Xiumei Wang , and Feng Deng


    We report the low-temperature catalytic reactivity of Zn+ ions confined in ZSM-5 zeolite toward CO oxidation. In situ DRIFT and ESR spectroscopy demonstrated that molecular O2 is readily activated by Zn+ ion to produce O2–species at room temperature (298 K) via facile electron transfer between Zn+ ion and O2 and that the formation of the active O2– species is responsible for the high activity of the ZnZSM-5 catalyst toward CO oxidation.