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Release time:2017-2-13      Source:admin      Reads:1533


1. Fen Liu, Ningdong Feng, Qiang Wang, Jun Xu, Guodong Qi, Chao Wang, and Feng Deng


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2. Chao Wang , Jun Xu , Qiang Wang , Xue Zhou , Guodong Qi , Ningdong Feng , Xiaolong Liu , Xiangju Meng , Fengshou Xiao , Feng Deng



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31P NMR Chemical Shifts of Phosphorus Probes as Reliable and Practical Acidity Scales for Solid and Liquid Catalysts


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6. Xiumei Wang, Jun Xu, Guodong Qi, Chao Wang, Weiyu Wang, Pan Gao, Qiang Wang, Xiaolong Liu, Ningdong Feng, Feng Deng


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J. Catal., 2017, 345, 228–235


7. Weiyu Wang, Jun Xu, Yanxi Zhao, Guodong Qi, Qiang Wang, Chao Wang, Jinlin Li and Feng Deng


Facet dependent pairwise addition of hydrogen over Pd nanocrystal catalysts revealed via NMR using para-hydrogen-induced polacization


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8. Yueying Chu, Guangchao Li, Ling Huang, Xianfeng Yi, Hongqiang Xia, Anmin Zheng  and Feng Deng


External or internal surface of H-ZSM-5 zeolite, which is more effective for the Beckmann rearrangement reaction?


Catal. Sci. Technol., 2017, 7, 2512-2523 


9. Jing Li, Shenhui Li, An Min Zheng, Xiaolong Liu, Ningya Yu, and Feng Deng 


Solid-State NMR Studies of Host-Guest Interaction Between UiO-67 and Light Alkane at Room Temperature 


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10. Xiaolong Liu, Yueying Chu, Qiang Wang, Weiyu Wang, Chao Wang, Jun Xu, Feng Deng


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11. Shaohui Xin, Qiang Wang, Jun Xu, Ningdong Feng, Wenzheng Li, Feng Deng


Heteronuclear correlation experiments of 23Na-27Al in rotating solids


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13. Xianfeng Yi, Guangchao Li, Ling Huang, Yueying Chu, Zhiqiang Liu, Hongqiang Xia, Anmin Zheng and Feng Deng


An NMR Scale for Measuring the Base Strength of Solid Catalysts with Pyrrole Probe: A Combined Solid-State NMR Experiment and Theoretical Calculation Study


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15. Yangyang SunJun XuQiang Wang, Chao WangFeng DengRuren XuWenfu Yan


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16. Yuchen XiaoNa ShengYueying ChuYeqing WangQinming WuXiaolong LiuFeng Deng,Xiangju MengZhaochi Feng


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A Hierarchical Bipyridine-Constructed Framework for Highly Efficient Carbon Dioxide Capture and Catalytic Conversion


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