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Host−Guest Interactions in Dealuminated HY Zeolite Probed by 13C-27Al Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Release time:2014-9-30      Source:admin      Reads:1618

Shenhui Li, Frederique Pourpoint, Julien Trebosc, Lei Zhou, Olivier Lafon, Ming Shen,

                    Anmin Zheng, Qiang Wang, Jean-Paul Amoureux, Feng Deng


    The combination of in situ MAS NMR and 27Al−{13C} S-RESPDOR experiments paves avenues for monitoring different reaction processes and elucidating the reaction mechanism in heterogeneous catalysis. The investigation of host−guest interactions will clarify the structure−property relationship during heterogeneously catalyzed reaction processes.