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Solid State NMR spectrometers



Varian Infinity-plus 300 MHz 

      4mm double reasonance probe

      7.5mm double reasonance probe


Bruker NMR 400 MHz

    3.2 mm   triple-reasonance HXY probe

    4mm   H/F/X triple-reasonance probe

    7mm   H/X double reasonance probe


 Bruker NMR 500 MHz

      1.9mm ultra-fast triple-reasonance HXY probe

      2.5mm Quad-reasonance H/F/XY probe

      4mm triple-reasonance HXY probe

      7mm triple-reasonance HXY probe

      7mm double reasonance High-Temperature HX probe


 Varian NMR System 600 MHz

      1.2mm ultra-fast double reasonance T3-HX probe

      3.2mm double reasonance T3-HX probe

      4mm triple-reasonance T3-HXY probe

      7mm triple-reasonance T3-HXY probe


Bruker  800 MHz

     1.9 mm HX   HCND

     3.2 mm  HXY   EfreeHCN   EfreeHCP

     4 mm EfreeHCN   Low γ

     7 mm Low γ


 Bruker Biospin 800 MHz

      3.2mm triple-reasonance BIOSOLIDS probe

      3.2mm triple-reasonance DVT probe





Catalytic research equipments




 Catalytic reaction evaluation equipment

      Performance evaluation systems of heterogeneous catalysis reaction    

      Simultaneous reaction of 3-way gas and two-way liquid

      Temperature range: room temperature to 600℃

      Pressure range: constant pressure to 5MPa



      For multiphase pulses reaction research

      Temperature range: room temperature to 400℃.

      Pressure range: constant pressure to 5MPa

      Reaction time: 0.5s to infinite


     HPLC (Agilent) 

 Vacuum glove box

      For sample preparation or transfer in an oxygen-free environment


 Gas Chromatograph (Shimadzu GC-2014)


 High vacuum glass system

       High vacuum dehydration treatment

      Vacuum degree: 6.7*10-5 Torr


     FTIR (Bruker TENSOR 27) 
     UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Agilent cary series) 
     Raman spectroscopy (Renishaw inVia)